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Tom hiddleston

September 2010



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Sep. 7th, 2010

Tom hiddleston


Ok! this is my first attempt at a video, and im going to be cross posting it to various communities over here on livejournal. (because im a longtime leecher off the nutrek communities and feel like giving something back finally)
Basically, the story is...the enterprise is the biggest moving whorehouse in the galaxy, pike's the pimp, and kirk is the newest employee. Spock and Bones are the veterans of the joint, bones is retired, and spock is exclusive with uhura...that is until kirk sets him in his sights!
pretty much a kirk/spock fanvid, with a bit of chekov/sulu (if you look REALLY hard) and past spock/uhura.
Sorry for the cheesiness, but its my first try (and yes, i know it could use tweaking) so be kind!! :D
And i hope you enjoy it!!


Aug. 24th, 2010

Tom hiddleston

(no subject)

my my, 2 whole years since i last posted? shame on me~! humm....ooh! i got a puppy! she's a curly black little toy poodle, and she's adorable as valentines day on crack. (complete with a side-order of scary) i recently became addicted to star trek xi, or star trek 2009, mostly (i admit it.) because it has 3 of my favourite eye-candies *cough* i mean...actors in it; Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban. i've also recently purchased with my meagre part-time job money, all of the seasons of heroes to catch up on in my upcoming downtime from uni.

Jun. 3rd, 2008

Tom hiddleston


Well!! i really havent updated huh?
im in uni now...Uni SA as a matter of fact, back to my place of birth..ah, nostalgia. lol
and its pretty good, semester is nearly over, next semester im doing an illustration course!!! (cant wait!)
and exams are coming up too.....which sucks...sigh.
also! bjds....am finally able to order one!!!!
(now that im 18..live by myself and have a credit card and income....hehe)
im so excited! ive started saving already...120/500 so far!!!!! XD
ja ne~

Apr. 9th, 2007

Tom hiddleston


well...he's just hot....what more is there to say about that??

Mar. 14th, 2007

Tom hiddleston

ooooh! :D

And hmmm...i should be studying right now...too bad i'm well, NOT! lol,
i seem to have picked up an admirer somewhere too, maybe because im a notorious flirt
even though i don't like him that way...which could be awkward, as he reckons he can 'make' me like him. (a.k.a force me to like him) i was like; you wierdo...*glares/rolls eyes* i was flattered, but kind of amused as well. ^_^
all in all, its been a busy couple of months!
but i'm looking forward to schoolies! and the formal.. ehehehe! :D
Tom hiddleston

Yawn. ^_^

well ok, when i said earlier that i'd be back..i meant a LOT later. ^_^ i have tragically found a new asian boy band to be addicted to (Super Junior *drool*) and i'm currently having my mid-yearly hsc exams -_-; which sucks..and come to think of it, i think i just failed my ancient history..still, only one exam left till freedom!!!

Oct. 14th, 2006

Tom hiddleston

JOINED!!!!! XD!!!

um, hey, i don't really expect anyone to read this, but i just joined LJ, and i have to admit, it was mainly because i wanted to read JE fanfics, but i think this sites pretty cool, even if i'm just getting the hang of it, btw, i am SO impressed with some of the communities here!! especially the KAT-TUN and newS ones...yes, i AM obsessed, lol. oh well, i'm entitled to be a fan-girl if i wish, anyways, since i should do my homework while i still have time before school, i'll get going and write more later!!